Our kitchen philosophy

Our kitchen philosophy

Do all things with love! Farm Fresh | No artificial flavours | Seasonal

Food is at the heart of all our adventures! We pride in our bi weekly and sometimes everyday trips to the farmers market, our local cuisines, our love for the seasonal, FARM TO FORK ,

vegetables grown, cause this is what we serve to our diners With Love. Infact that’s the sole reason for having the Food served inhouse at Akshay Niwas, inspired locally, served to our global guests. We have the concept of Communal dining at our dining space, which is indoors, leaving you to share and greet and meet other guests, and an opportunity to get social offline ☺ in case that’s not something you look forward to, we have the private dining on our rooftop and also, large garden courtyard , and poolside for dining. Room service is for those who wish to enjoy their meal in the company of the gorgeous view from the jarokhas, or private terraces.

India is known for its food culture, and Udaipur at its charming lake side boutique Akshay Niwas we are happy that the slow food that is traditional and age old is gaining much popularity.

On plate- Freshness and simplicity and all that we discover while we play in our kitchens to cater to your party for 2 or 20 or more! Our rooftops cater to over 120 guests easily for a casual cocktail or bon fire style dining.

It is something that the guests have loved! Keeping the kitchen at the heart of the hotel, we focused on traditional recipes, blending the best of our and our chefs travel experiences, a menu that is fresh, interesting and delicious!

Travel Tip - making an early reservation, or pre booking your meal plan by writing to us, or booking a Meal Plan while booking your stay will help us plan your menu better!