Other Ventures

Other Ventures

Club Golf 27 is a complete Golf and Sports Creation & Entertainment Solution Company, with a 360 degree approach to designing Golf Courses, managing International Tournaments, Golf Courses, Operations, camps, Corporate dos and Corporate Entertainment the world over. Today, we come in as specialized Golf and Sports business infrastructure developers ,equipped with the latest in growing Commercial and residential projects, each unique with the international style and design, and advisory to many top notch companies on how to- and the conceptualization of great properties.

We bring our wealth of experience in creating, designing and managing the best golf courses and setting up premium Golf academies both indoors and outdoors. At the helm, we have the best in the business that are driven by passion for sports, and industry understanding for bringing the best leverage for businesses and Governments in creating lasting impressions at the networking and business advancement level.

Club Golf 27 is equipped to assist our clients on any of their golf related needs.

  • Golfing Tours for Travel Companies, leisure travelers, Corporates and individual golfers.
  • Vibrant Gujarat Golf Cup 27 ( The largest Corporate Golf Cup in India .)
  • World Class Business Golf Destination
  • Managing CEO tournaments
  • Building Golf Courses
  • Bringing Heads of States together for a Prestigious and deal sealing event
  • Sports management
  • Tourism in Golf and Sports at Large

Club Golf 27 is a full service golf event operations company, from helping with a single product or service to complete operations and everything in between. One has a tremendous opportunity to make an event the most memorable and rewarding experience for all the guests and supporters. Club Golf 27 realizes this time, energy, and all details within can create a vital challenge that will either make or break your day. That is why Club Golf 27 is there with all the expertise as a one stop solution company.

Being a golf course design company we believe that extraordinary golf course result from three distinct phases of golf course design process: Initial concept development & planning, concept refinement & construction documentation development and design development during construction. We believe each phase of the design process is critical to the creation of a distinctive golf course. Reaching budget needs of investors is as crucial to us.

Golfing Tours

We specialize in conducting, designing and packaging Golf itineraries and holidays, customized for Travel Companies, leisure golfers and friends who wish to travel in small or large groups. We have successfully conducted golfing holidays with cultural tours both inbound and outbound. Clients include International Government officials, Diplomats, Corporations and leisure golfers from the UK, US, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and students who wish to take golfing lessons in India. Write to us for specialized packages combining the India experience and a great enjoyable golfing vacation.

Sports Tourism

We have experience and systems to undertake large or small-scale projects. Our clients include government organisations, private investors, industry associations, NGOs and international embassies & development agencies.

We assist destinations in planning, developing and managing sustainable tourism. We aim to create destinations that stand out in a competitive environment, maximise the potential of natural and cultural assets and deliver benefits for communities and industry. Currently we are working in the States Rajasthan, Gujarat and Kerala to further the culture of sports tourism.

We work together with partners to deliver holistic solutions for destinations—from the planning and product development to contemporary marketing all with engaged stakeholders prepared for implementation. Our planning services are used at international, national, regional and local levels.

Some of the esteemed clients we have worked with as a team, are BMW Cup, Mercedes Trophy, Volvo Challenge 2013, BILT Open, Take Solutions Tournament, All IGU (Indian Golf Union) Amateur Event , Asian Tour Event SAIL OPEN and Professional Events to name a few.

Assisting Organizations to Become the Best That They Can Be

Curation | Investments | Museum Design | Interior Design Solutions | Entertainment & Lifestyle Design

27 Art Street has fostered itself as one of India’s leading Arts/Cultural Management, Investment and Entertainment for Art Consulting firms. 27 Art Street has an unparalleled record of success in assisting their clients in executive search, effective planning, conceptualizing great evening entertainment ideas, successful facility development, and dramatic improvement to contribute and earn revenue.

The firm’s clients range from World’s leading Art Collectors, Corporations, Museums, Luxury Brands, Art Galleries and leading Banks, to highly specialized cultural organizations such as modern Art companies, Art festivals, Art for young audiences, Art Parks, Shopping and Entertainment Malls, performing arts facilities, historic theatres, living history museums, arts service organizations and government agencies. We also design Interiors for hotels, cafes, Industrial kitchens, homes and offices. Currently we are curating and designing 2 new Museums in India. Specially curated Dinners, tours and Art Tours are customized on request.