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Abhimanyu Singh comes from the Kachhawa Clan of Warriors of the Jaipur family,(Rajawats) his Grandfather Brig. RaghubirSinghji ( 97 years of age) is credited with being one of the only Indian to take part in World war 1 and World War 2, headed the Jaipur State army pre Independence , which later became Rajputana Rifles in the Independent India Army. He has fought for Singapore Freedom in 1965, in Korea, Japan , Burma amongst other countries and also fought the 1965, and 1971 war against Pakistan, where his son Maj. Sangram Singh also joined him as a young officer. A life dedicated to the country, and people at large, now their charitable initiatives of growing their villages, and making them sustainable, are carried out by the next generation. Be it water harvestation, or education, the villages today are case studies in Rajasthan for growth.

Abhimanyu Singh is perhaps one of the only Management Graduates in India, in Golf Course Design and Sports Management, leading Professional Golf Coach, from the San Diago Golf Academy, United States, training professional and individuals and growing the best in sorts with academies and some of the best designed Championship Golf Courses in India. He studied at the 150 years old princely boarding school Mayo College Boys School and St. Stephens College, New Delhi in India before heading for Masters in Golf to Academy of America, California. He also played professionally in the circuit and is a founding member of PGTI- Professional Golf Tour of India.

He manages Club Golf 27, a Sports and Business Intersect company, specializing in Creating and managing premium golf courses, corporate tournaments and sports facilities at large. Golf Lessons can be taken across India, at some of the leading courses.

Preeti Singh comes from the Rathore clan of the Princely State of Jodhpur. She is a Museum Designer and International Curator by profession, with specialization in setting up Museums and managing Art Fests and large exhibits in India, Russia, and Europe largely. She also does representation of State Tourism with the Government, with promotion of Art Tours, Golf Tourism, and Conservation and Heritage travel in India. Currently has successfully worked on Curated Dinners across Rajasthan , spiritual and religious tourism for the DPR of Somnath Prabhas Patan town, and is working on two new Museums in India.

She is part of the FEA Food Entrepreneurs Association, curating tasting Menus and designing cafes , besides creating best practices for the fraternity.

She is passionate about travel, and is fascinated by people and cultures. ‘A dinner with the Curator’ is popular at Akshay Niwas, where royal repast stories and culinary adventures are shared with equal fondness. Loves to recommend rare and non-touristy itineraries for the guests. curating little experiences at Akshay Niwas for the guests, be it food or tours is very gratifing for her.